What does a forensic psychiatrist do?


Unlike regular psychiatrists in Singapore, the ones who deal with forensics are also specialised in certain legal aspects. They are professional doctors which are also trained in law. They use their knowledge of the mental health of a person in order to act as an expert witness. This is particularly important because they are going to assist lawyers, judges as well as juries during the course of a trial in order to get the most effective and accurate sentence.


Duties and responsibilities

Now, the duty of the forensic psychiatrist in Singapore is to be absolutely not biased. This is paramount and critical. He needs to evaluate the facts as well as the mental condition of the defendant in order to report the objective findings to the lawyer or judge when he is asked about them. Only if the lawyer finds it appropriate and necessary to the case will the psychiatrist be asked to actually testify in front of the judge. With this in mind, the doctor is going to have to evaluate certain specific areas which are going to include:

  • Hysteria
  • Psychotic conditions
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

The job of a forensic psychiatrist is not an easy one. Unfortunately, there are quite a few things that he would have to be aware of in order to perform his duties and responsibilities properly. Not only does he need to objectively evaluate the proper condition of the patient’s mind, but he also needs to make sure that he has done so without any subjective or bias involvement. He needs to maintain his overly neutral position without showing any kind of attachment in order to present the fact as they are – this is the way the legal system in Singapore and in a lot of other countries work.

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