The Advantages Of Choosing Clear Braces

Getting braces may seem like a big decision to make; especially when perceiving it as something that causes pain, inconvenience and compels you to wear easily noticeable metal braces. However, weighing the perception against the long-lasting gains of this orthodontic treatment, getting braces could be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Alignment issues are more than just cosmetic issues. They can cause difficulty while chewing food or even when you speak. If you are uncomfortable with the way your teeth look, alignment may cause you to feel embarrassment or worry when someone notices your teeth condition.

Braces, however, are not about looking good for other people. They are about looking good for yourself and making yourself feel comfortable about how you present yourself to the world.

Consulting a highly skilled orthodontist in Singapore is the first step to getting well-aligned teeth for yourself.

Giving you a clear reason to smile

Designed using the latest 3-D technology, clear braces treat crowding, spacing and other alignment issues. Providing a more comfortable option compared to traditional braces, these clear aligners can be removed before eating.

Created to blend in with your teeth, clear braces won’t look too prominent.

You can correct teeth alignment by undergoing treatment, but most people are unlikely to notice that you are wearing braces. This is another factor that makes clear braces a top-choice for older teens and adults in Singapore.

Alignment and dental health

Aligned teeth may help you look good when you smile, but alignment is for far more important reasons than merely cosmetic reasons. Alignment issues can cause dental health issues unless steps are taken to remedy them. Alignment issues may even lead to tooth decay due to building up of plaque or bacteria lurking in crooked teeth despite brushing regularly.

In extreme cases, gum disease and eventual tooth loss may also occur if alignment issues are not addressed. Straight and well-aligned teeth are easier to clean and leads to better oral hygiene and health in the long run.

All Gain, No Pain

Treatment with clear braces is virtually pain-free. It takes just a few days to get used to having the aligners on. Metal braces consist of mostly metal components and can cause pain or form ulcers in the lining of the mouth. Fortunately, clear aligners are designed to be comfortable. Once you get used to wearing them, you may even forget you have them on.

Other braces can interfere with speech and cause changes in the way you sound, at least for a while. Clear ones don’t cause any such changes, especially once the required days to first wear them are over.

The benefits of nearly invisible looking braces make clear braces an excellent choice for adults.

In Singapore, clear braces can cost from $4,000 to $8,000. The severity of your malocclusion impacts the overall costs of your treatment. Mild cases can take just a year to resolve and therefore cost less. More complex issues may take longer to be corrected and hence cost more.


Clear braces are a discrete choice when treating teeth alignment as they are barely noticeable. Despite being made from clear materials, they are very effective.

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