Shuang Pi Nai: The mouthwatering Chinese milk pudding


This is a dessert with white, alabaster goodness. Shuang Pi Nai means double skin milk. There are two layers of milk skin. The bottom layer is smooth and tender while the top one, sweet and fragrant.



Shuang Pi Nai milk pudding originates from Guangdong, Shunde District, China. It was first produced in the Qing Dynasty. Since its first production, it became popular all over China because of its milky and creamy taste. People love this best dessert because it is affordable and easy to prepare.


Beautifying effects

Surprisingly, there are rumours that this pudding has beautifying effects. Some people say that it transformed their skin from the dull to glossy like the ones found in cosmetic commercials.

These rumours have a basis in reality. This is because; scientists have found that milk has skin enhancing benefits. Milk contains protein, biotin and vitamin B6 that are essential for skin tissue repair. Milk is also rich in calcium that facilitates health and strong teeth and bones.


Preparing double skin milk

The process of making this pudding is very simple. All that you need is a steamer, a bowl, sugar, eggs and milk. However, the tricky part is the creation of the two layers. For this, you will have to rely on trial and error but eventually, you will master the whole affair.

You need one strawberry, 500ml milk, 30g sugar and six egg whites.

Mix sugar and milk in a bowl and give it a stir until the sugar completely dissolves. Beat egg whites until smooth, in a separate bowl.  Pour slowly milk-sugar mixture to the bowl of egg whites and stir in one direction. Filter a number of times to remove foam and thick egg whites. Finally, the filtered liquid should be poured into bowls, which should be covered with food wrappers and steaming subsequently done. Steam for 15 minutes. When the mixture resembles jelly pudding, it is ready to be served.

Do not steam for too long. Remove the wrapper as soon as the pudding is ready. Add strawberry slices on the surface and enjoy your pudding.


A tasty thrill

Enjoy the sweetness from your mouth down to your stomach. Let the goodness of milky jelly tickle your tongue. Serve it cold or warm in a small bowl.

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