Fun and Relaxed Shopping in Singapore!

Singapore gives you the chance to buy lots of goods at amazing prices! The Asiatic haven has numerous malls and shopping centres that stock a wide variety of products for your sampling.

Below are some tips to help you get the best bargains and experience when shopping at Katong Shopping Centre!

Sample and compare a variety before buying

In many shopping centres and malls, you are bound to find many sellers dealing in the same products. Obviously, there will be variations in the quality and prices they offer. Reserve sufficient time for your shopping expedition to ensure that you sample numerous options at Katong Shopping Centre before making purchases. This is especially crucial if the goods you are seeking are of high prices.

Have breaks in between

You do not want to have a burnout before finishing your shopping tour. Obviously, the goal is to buy as much as your budget can allow without reneging on quality. Hence, it is important to rest in between your shopping spree and re-energise before hitting the stalls again.

Luckily, at Katong Shopping Centre, you can find restaurants and eateries that will serve you delicacies to help restock your energy before you continue on your mission. Be careful, though, not to eat too much or to consume lots of calories as this may leave you feeling more tired than before you indulged.

Also, eating for a long period of time might sap on your excitement and energy, making the remainder of the mission impossible.

Vary the products you are looking for

It can get extremely boring to hop from one clothing store to the next. While trying on new clothing might be fun, carrying on with the same thing the whole day can get overwhelming and monotonous.

If you will be looking for clothing, it does not hurt to try on some jewellery and shoes as well. To vary your experience in a more exciting way, throw in some memorabilia shopping and you will not want to stop!

Engage in some other fun activities as well

Katong Shopping Centre offers more than just outlets for buying different products; the centre houses lots of service providers as well!

To enliven your shopping experience further, you could also plan to engage in fun activities like karaoke which can be accessed within the centre! You could also try new experiences like sampling the art of exorcists who exist there to offer religious services.

Depending on the kind of services offered in the shopping centre you have set your eyes on, do not stick to an entire day of non-stop shopping! This will also help you sample a lot more that Singapore has to offer!

Try and make it a group shopping expedition

The more the merrier! Even in Singapore, this adage is pretty true. Going shopping with friends will make the experience much more fun and the chances of feeling tired or overwhelmed will be cut by more than half.

Moreover, friends will help you select the best merchandise and you will head back home with a lot more memories than if you had shopped alone!

Nevertheless, like with many other experiences in Singapore, getting the best out of your shopping expedition depends on how well you plan for it! Knowing that you are headed to Katong Shopping Centre from the moment you wake up is much more convenient than struggling with your conscience while in the cab!

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