The Katong Shopping Centre in Singapore is located on Mountbatten Road. The shopping centre has been in operation since 1973 and is staple to all Singaporeans who love to shop. The centre was designed in a unique way, which has helped to stand the test of time over some of the other younger shopping centres that have been built.

History of Katong is extensive and quite wonderful. It was the first chopping centre to be built in Singapore with air conditioned rooms hence making it one of the most popular shopping centre. The centre itself has everything that you could ever need to visit, making it a one-stop shop for anyone who needs to do many different errands in a day. This is so much more convenient than needing to drive all over the place to get a list of errands taken care of.

It holds several different kinds of shops and offices that anyone can visit and look around for anything that they may want or need. The shopping centre also has many employment agencies, tailoring ships, printing services, eye care stores, cosmetic shops, and many others. You can spend an entire day in the centre doing all your shopping, or just walking around. And when you are there, you can eat at a variety of different place, depending on what it is that you are in the mood for.

Katong is situated in a complex that is home to many other local shops and stores. When you leave the shopping centre, if you care to visit any of the other places, they are all within walking distance from your parking space. And because there are many different housing complexes all around the area, it makes for a very easy place to go and take care of everything that you need to take care of, all in one convenient area.

The shopping complex is quite a luxurious location, given that it can be reached from many different ways. It’s proximity to. Not only that, but it is near several bus stops which makes it easier for anyone who wants to shop. Whether you drive, ride the bus, or walk there, the Katong Shopping Centre is a place where families and friends can get together and have fun.